Bottoms Up

"Working Your Bottom Up Through Your Core"

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Bottoms up is for ALL fitness levels & includes:





If you want to get to the bottom of your trouble spots and get behind your health with everything in side of you - then SIGN up!  
You have nothing to lose except cellulite and unwanted fat.  We will work our upper thighs, and all area of the glutes including the maximus, minimus and medius. We will target cardio with exceptional core exercises and focus on all areas: abs, obliques and back.  

This is one fun group you won't want to miss!




You will be challenged in these group sessions while at the gym and while away.  From setting goals to sticking to the meal plan and being accountable to others in the sessions, this is one jammed pack course of total health!



Get measured prior to class or right after.  You all have the option to measure at home.  You can wear whatever you want, but you will need to wear the exact same outfit when we remeasure on the last day of our session.

Weigh In

Not everyone takes this class to lose weight. Some will gain muscle and some will alter their body frame to look more lean and toned. If you want to weight in, you will weigh HERE at the gym on the first Monday and every Monday thereafter.  You can weigh in wearing whatever you desire, but you will need to wear the exact same outfit at the WEIGH OUT. 


Motivational Tasks

Each week you will be given handouts to complete.  These are staples of the session to be completed for maximum benefits. They include health motivation action steps and an extra workout to keep moving forward with your program in the months to follow this program.


All Bottoms Up Group sessions are instructed by Multi-Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist, Sarah Hansel.

If you have a direct question about these sessions, please contact her at 563-594-8863.