Group Fitness Classes

Classes can be modified for different fitness levels and are included in your fitness membership.

Programs have an additional fee.

Not sure what fitness level you are? 

Beginning Fitness Level: Someone who is just starting out and has never taken a class or hasn't taken one in over 1 year. If this is you, take it slow remembering you can always take it up a notch the next class if needed. Let your Instructor know upon arriving in a class that you are new or beginning to take classes again. They will show you modifications to fit your current level.  

Intermediate Fitness Level: Someone who has been taking classes for under 6 months. Their bodies have adapted to various modalities of exercise and they are realizing their strengths and weaknesses in fitness classes.

Advanced Fitness Level: Those who have taken classes over 6 months. If you need a challenge let your instructor know, they are happy to suggest and show you more advanced levels to keep you going and motivated!

Fitness Instructors & Personal Trainers

Reagan Adkisson

Sarah Hansel

Sarah Henzen

Bonita Howes

Sara Jeys

Beth Langhauser

Heather Link

Mary Ann Middleton

Dan Wassell



Mon-Thur:  5am-8:30pm

Fri: 5am-6pm

Sat: 6am-3pm



Mon-Thur:  5am-8:30pm

Fri: 5am-6pm

Sat: 6am-3pm

Sun: 11am-4pm


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