Running 101

Congratulations to all the Moonlight Chase RUNNING 101 Finishers!


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Instructed By Teresa Bivens

“I can’t run!”

This is exactly what I said all my life. I am a certified group fitness instructor with over 20 years’ experience, but it wasn’t until 4 years ago when a high school girlfriend (who had only recently started running herself) challenged me to run a 5k for our 25th class reunion that I began to run. I seriously did not think I could do it because I had tried several times to run before but never could. I’d get side stitches (and actually still do from time to time) and get tired and quit.
I hated it!

But, with a challenge on the table, I couldn’t say no! I made up my own gradual plan and worked on building up endurance little by little and was overjoyed to actually succeed! I ended up not only running a 5k that summer but also the 4-mile Moonlight Chase and several other 5ks. I then ran the 5-mile Frostbite Footrace in winter, the 7-mile Bix the following summer…and the Quad City Half Marathon the year after that! I ran another Half this year and will start training for my 3rd in late January.  Running is not only a great cardiovascular exercise but also a great mental workout. Through running, I have learned deeper discipline in other areas of my life. Physically, I would say that this has been the best form of toning my legs have ever experienced – and I’ve done several types of aerobics most of my life. I also believe that my lungs have become much stronger.

Certainly some people have legitimate reasons why they can’t run, but if you don’t and would like to take the challenge to give it a try, I will do my best to help you succeed. I get great satisfaction in coaching others to accomplish their running goals! Needless to say, I now love running!

Teresa Bivens

Hear What Others Are Saying...


Never a Runner to a 5k

I have never been a runner.  I have walked for years and have kept in shape with classes here at the Eldridge Fitness Center. 2 ½ years ago Teresa had a 5k Boot Camp class for running. I had no intention of “running,” however I like Teresa’s classes so I went along with it. At the first class she had us state our goals. I did not have any and still did not have any intention to really run. She took us through the 1st workout – 5 min. warmup, 1 minute jogging and 1 ½ min walking for a total of 20 minutes. Easy! She then said to do this a couple more times that week. She passed out a running schedule and I followed it. I liked it! I continued on with the schedule and was motivated by Teresa.

The first time I ran a total of 20 minutes I was ecstatic. I had never done that! I ran my first 5k race 9 weeks later and was amazed that I did it. Since then I have run many races. I enjoy races because of the people – it’s a great group of people to be around and I enjoy the challenge. Getting ready for a race I pay attention to my eating and workouts. Since I started running I have lost 15 lbs and have kept it off. I started running at the age of 59, it is never too late to start. I think one of the reasons I had success is because I started slow so it was doable. Every time I finish a run I give myself a high-five. It is a great feeling!

Mary Healy



RUNNING 101 Testimony


“This program jump started a ‘taking care of me’ regimen! I love that each week I met a new milestone – lots of personal bests built into the program.  Very encouraging.  I had not run before this.  I can say ‘I am a runner’!”  Wanda